We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following people of some of the elements of this website.

1. Sal for his pic of the trophy.
2. Dean Danley for his pic of the ribbon and the history of its award.
3. Curtis Duncan for the drawing of #171.
4. Cathy Jimerson for her patience and good work.
5. Maureen and Jim Tansey for the use of their wide-ranging websites.
6. Mark at Valor for the use of his WWII 512FS patch.
7. Dean Danley, who has taken over for Ben Cardoza at the Folded Wings page.
8. Gary Verver for the use of his official Navy pics of Dogs at China Lake.
9. Gary Haughey for the Flying The Dog page.

Your contributions are welcomed. Do you have pictures or anything else to share?

Do you think the website is missing something?

If you have some suggestions or some latent author or designer in you, and we can get someone to pay your way, take your shot! But remember we must pay the help.

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