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The Association is a group of men who, 60-odd years ago, constituted a United States Air Force Fighter Interceptor Squadron, the 512th FIS, during the period 1954-58. Our story may be of interest to you. This site is owned and operated by the Association with all rights reserved. It is not affiliated with nor sanctioned by the United States Air Force or any government agency.


Very often in the history of the United States, groups of our warriors have performed their missions in an exemplary manner. Our culture simply expects that. However, sometimes even that value has been exceeded. Some groups have risen to the extraordinary, and their stories are rarely told. In the following pages you will find in words and pictures the story from the inside out of how, over fifty years ago, one group of American boys perceived their mission and destiny, then carried out their duties in a manner which delivered the boys to the history books as men. Men among the men, and women, who represent the finest achievers this nation has ever sent to war. This group of now old veterans is known as the 512th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Association. We are proud of our story. It was our small contribution to the freedom much of the world enjoys today.








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